American Loyalty Card

The Best Mall Without Walls

American Loyalty Card will drive new customers to your business. There will be a monthly newsletter, and RSS available to push announcements of new participating merchants. ALC customers will come back to your business again and again, simply because you are giving them the 10% discount. There is no equipment to buy, all you need is an Internet-capable device (phone, tablet, or desktop) and an Internet connection.

If you have a website, a link to your website will also be included, and that could bring better search engine results for your business as well.

Want social networking? No problem. We’ve got you covered with traffic from Pinterest, Likes from Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and others.

How it works

You will love the functionality

All you need is a customer’s email address to record a transaction.





Seven Years in the Making

With big corporations taking small business customers, food and shopping deserts, and mom and pop stores unable to compete, a solution is here

Customers get a 10% discount

Merchants get 5% of sales from other merchants

Implementation is easy

All you need is a smartphone and a bank account

Encourage your customers to shop with in-network competitors

The economy gets a boost


The right tools for you

Any business, whether you have a physical store, restaurant, or even a virtual business, American Loyalty Card is right for you.




Restaurants and Food Related

Services and Virtual Businesses

mobile web

Nice and simple

What you want is a nice, simple, and easy system to make more money.  That is what this platform offers you; A Loyalty Card, The Best Mall Without Walls is that simple;  all you need is a computer, or a cell phone, or a tab and a good connection to the internet.   Become a participating merchant by downloading the platform and start adding customers into the system.   All that is needed to make more money is to add as many new member customers as possible.  To do so all you need is to ask the customer for their email address and phone number.   Add them to your platform and watch your money come in directly into your account.  Yes, it is that simple.

Great workflow

For great workflow what is needed is a nice and simple system.  What is easier than to ask a customer if they would like a PERMANENT 10% discount.   When they say “Yes” the rest is easy:  email and phone number.  Add the information to the platform and then relax and watch the money flow.  Most customers have phones.  They can download the program and that will ID them to you as members.  When your customer /members spend their money at other participating merchants – you start making a never-ending cash flow of 5% of the money they spend there.  Simple and Easy and Safe and secure

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Get the app now!

It’s easy for customers to get a PWA on their mobile device.

Customers have a QR code that has their email address you can easily read it and process your transactions. You only have to ask for an email address if they are a new customer.

os upgrade
browse online

Unlimited content

With technology come many benefits:  Unlimited Content is just one of them

It matters not if you have a large variety of merchandise or just a very few items.

To have a Large Menu or just One Unique service.   The platform can accommodate all.   Your listing with us can give potential customers all the information they need to make an informed decision.  To maximize your potential exposure to the largest possible client base you can have as many as 5 categories listed.

time management

Time saver

Our system is designed to help you make money in two ways: 

1.      Driving more business to your door

2.     Creating a never-ending residual income from your clients spending money with other merchants

Since you are not spending time with the customers when they are making money for you, at other merchants, you have more time for yourself and your family.



All transactions, Large or Small, are performed by you and your system with the aid of the U.S. Banking system.  If you trust your bank and your credit card service company then you already know that the system is very safe and secure.   Our platform is serviced by Glendale bank listed 


Is there an Aloyalty free trial?

There are two ways of joining the American Loyalty Card. Registration will always be free. American Loyalty Card will drive customers to your business. To prevent spamming, however, we require a non-refundable $1.00 to verify information and accounts. If you upgrade, you will be a participating merchant and will be able to share in the profits.

How can I cancel Aloyalty my subscription?

If you no longer want to be part of the American Loyalty Card, just contact us, and we will remove you from our system. We require a written 30-day notice to that we can remove your business from the directory and advise customers that your business is no longer participating.

What happens when my Aloyalty subscription ends?

When you cancel your subscription, your account will be removed from the system, and your business will no longer receive referrals.

If you upgraded, you will continue to receive any referral fees that your customers generate for 30 days.

How do I register for Aloyalty?

Oh! Glad you asked that! You can register here.

How am I protected by Aloyalty?

In the same way, you are protected when you do business with any registered bank. All transactions into and out of our back office are done by the UMS Banking of Glendale, California.

Are there any Aloyalty offers?

Yes, depending on the account level type. Visit Merchant levels for more information.

Does Aloyalty offer support?

We offer a broad spectrum of support. When you sign up, an agent will be assigned to you and will train you, either in person or via Zoom, on how to best use the ALC system.

Where is the Aloyalty head office?

Our main office is located in Winnetka, California.

8335 Winnetka Avenue, Suite 500
Winnetka, California 91306-1104

Can I provide feedback?


With big corporations taking small business customers, food and shopping deserts, and mom and pop stores unable to compete, a solution is here



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8335 Winnetka Avenue, Suite 500
Winnetka, California 91306-1104

+1 800 529 5665